Humanities and Social Sciences

A Levels in humanities and the social sciences focus on the study of human nature and culture. In these courses you will ask the big questions in fields such as history, modern languages, philosophy, economics and literature.

During your studies you will develop critical thinking and analytical skills, explore approaches to research and learn to write well-constructed arguments in essay form. This transferable skill set will prepare you for a broad range of professional fields and both A Levels and degree level humanities qualifications are highly regarded by employers.

With our 86% exam success rate and above average increase in students achieving top grades, studying with us will give you a great chance of securing the grades required to move on to the university of your choice.

Next steps

Possible options for progression to employment include:

Writer Researcher
Anthropologist Economist
Lawyer Politician
Psychiatrist Planning Officer
Occupational Therapist Sociologist
Historian Psychologist