What hours can an apprentice work? Many of the special protections in these regulations for young workers under 18 will apply to apprentices, for example young workers must not exceed the 8 hour a day or 40 hours per week. They are also entitled to paid holidays and rest breaks of at least 30 minutes if their shift lasts more than four and half hours.
Do apprentices need a contract of employment? Apprenticeships must have a contract of employment.
How much should I pay my apprentice?

Legally, Apprentices under 19 years or 19 years and over and in the first year of their apprenticeship are entitled to £3.30 per hour. However, the employer may choose to pay the apprentice at a higher rate (and we would always support this) especially in the case of Level 3 Apprentices where they are performing an advanced role.

Once the apprentice reaches 19 years and has completed the first year of the apprenticeship the employer must pay the full NMW rate.

How long do Apprenticeships last? Level 2 Apprenticeships last a minimum of 12 months from their Apprenticeship Start Date (please note that this may be different from the working start date) and that many L3 Apprenticeships last substantially longer.
What do Apprenticeships include?

Apprenticeships usually comprise of a number of qualifications:

Technical Certificate… Usually delivered in a classroom / workshop setting once each week during term time.

NVQ… Assessed in the workplace once every six weeks, requires input from the employer, the learner performs business tasks under observation and builds up a portfolio of evidence.

Functional Skills Maths/English/ICT*… Usually delivered on the same day as the apprentice is in college for their technical certificate


Students must achieve a minimum of L1 in Maths/English/ICT* and be working towards the completion of their L2 to complete a L2 Apprenticeship (and complete their L2 Maths/English/ICT* for a L3 Apprenticeship)

*Most Apprenticeships require Maths and English only.

Can anyone access an apprenticeship? In theory, yes. However, all apprenticeship applicants will be invited to meet a curriculum specialist to ensure they are able to complete the course and that their job role matches the requirement of the Apprenticeship.
What are the responsibilities of an employer? EHWLC work with employers to build a qualification around the job role. Key to the completion of the qualification are assessor visits (usually monthly) and review meetings (usually every 8 weeks) which take around 90 minutes with the learner and line manager both present.