A Level Student

Parents & Guardians

At Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, we understand that this is an exciting time for students who are leaving school. As parents you will want to ensure that your son/daughter makes the right decision for their future.

You will also want to know that as an education provider, we not only take an interest in our students’ success rates but also their general wellbeing while they are at College. We believe in working with you to help our students to succeed.

We do this by:

  • Communicating regularly with you to keep you informed of your son/daughters progress.
  • Providing you with progress reports on performance, coursework deadlines, exams and attendance.
  • Inviting you to parents’ evenings and giving you the opportunity to meet our tutors.

You are also welcome to attend our open evenings to meet our staff, see our facilities and talk to some of our current students. View open evening dates.

Parents and Guardian Handbook

This handbook is designed to give you information about dates, contact details and the many support services we offer.

Parent and Guardian Handbook 2014/15

College Environment

Your child will benefit from a superior learning environment at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College. We have recently been awarded Beacon status by the Government’s Quality Improvement Agency for ‘excellence and innovation’ – one of only a few colleges across London. The quality standard was judged on the fantastic achievements of our last OFSTED/ALI inspection, where 94 out of 100 areas were deemed to be ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’.

Student safety

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance at our College. Every student and staff member requires a personalised entry card to gain access to the site. The cards enable the College to monitor attendance via electronic registers so security and teaching staff know who is or isn’t on site.

Monitoring your son/daughter’s progress

The College holds regular parents’ evenings where parents can discuss their son/daughter’s progress with teachers, faculty leaders and college directors. Parents can check progress reports online through the Student Portal. Students simply log on to the secure College intranet (using their password details) and can access their coursework, exam grades, attendance figures and tutor comments.

Student support

To support students making the transition from school to college, students aged 16-19 will have a personal tutor who can offer help and advice and be there to discuss any problems or concerns they may have. We have a range of student support services, including counselling, welfare advice and careers (a department dedicated to helping students progress onto the next stage, be it higher level courses, university or employment).

Parent survey results

In our recent surveys, when parents were asked if they would recommend the College to others, 93% of respondents said ‘yes’.

Progression options

Studying at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College creates many opportunities for career progression. On completion of their studies, students can progress onto a higher level course within the College, go on to study at university or undertake employment in their chosen industry. We provide the support that students need to succeed.