We believe it’s never too late to begin a new chapter in your life, to take control of your future and enjoy being exposed to new ideas in a vibrant learning environment.

Learners of all ages choose to come and study with us because we offer a wide range of qualifications, a flexible approach to learning and excellent teaching.

Whether it’s childcare, funding or flexible hours that you need to enable you to study, we will do the best we can to support you. Get a job, improve your job prospects or go on to further studies by taking one of our courses.

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Meet Joanne Thornhill

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The College is great for older students. I wasn’t put in a huge class made up of younger students. The classes were manageable sizes and I was with people my own age, so we were able to help and support each other.

In my first year I didn’t think I could complete Level 1, but then I got accepted to Level 2 and achieved more than I ever thought I would. All the support from the College helped me to get through and achieve my goals.

I would recommend the course to anyone interested in childcare. If you are worried about the cost, make sure you research the financial help alternatives. I would encourage people to have a go as it will help them to better themselves.