Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Getting to grips with Photoshop can be very time consuming, so we've put together a list of handy shortcuts that will help to speed up your workflow. Keyboard shortcuts (or commands) are available to bypass using the mouse. Once you've picked up these commonly used shortcuts, you'll never go back to the mouse!

Tool Shortcut Key
Path Selection Tool X
Brush Tool B
Crop Tool C
Set Colours to Default D
Eraser Tool E
Full Screen F
Paint Bucket Tool G
Eyedropper Tool I
Lasso Tool L
Rotate Canvas R
Type Tool T
Move Tool V
Magic Wand Tool W
Swap Foreground & Background Colour X
Zoom Tool Z


Command PC Mac
Select All Ctrl + A Cmd +A
Copy Ctrl + C Cmd + C
Group Layers Ctrl + G Cmd + G
Duplicate Layer Ctrl + J Cmd + J
New Document Ctrl + N Cmd + N
Show Rulers Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Save Document Ctrl + S Cmd + S
Free Transform Ctrl + T Cmd + T
Paste Ctrl + V Cmd + V
Close Document Ctrl + W Cmd + W
Cut Ctrl + X Cmd + X
Undo Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z
Zoom to fit doc to workspace area Ctrl + 0 Cmd + 0
Zoom to 100% Ctrl + 1 Cmd + 0
Show Guides Ctrl + ; Cmd + ;
Show Grid Ctrl + ' Cmd + '
New Layer Ctrl + shift + N Cmd + shift + N
Invert Selection Ctrl + shift + I Cmd + shift + I
Undo Multiple Steps Ctrl + alt + Z Ctrl + alt + Z
Image Size Ctrl + alt + I Ctrl + alt + I
Select Multiple Individual Layers Ctrl + click Cmd + click
Select Multiple Layers Press & hold shift + click
Draw Straight Line
(with brush tool active)
Press & hold shift + click
Zoom Out
(with zoom tool active)
Press & hold alt + click
Quick Duplicate Object
(with selection tool active)
Press & hold alt + click & drag
Toggle Visibility of interface panels Tab
Paste in Place Press & hold Ctrl + click layer thumbnail Press & hold Cmd + click layer thumbnail
Toggle Brush Size
(with brush tool active)
Press [ to increase brush size
Press ] to decrease brush size
Toggle Brush Size
(with eraser tool active)
Press [ to increase brush size
Press ] to decrease brush size