Warming Up

The aim of warming up is to gradually get your whole body prepared for physical activity. A warm-up typically includes light cardiovascular exercises, strength exercises and stretches.


Stop Clock 256The warm-up session should last 20-30 minutes to give the body enough time to slowly get ready for physical activity, while giving the athlete time to mentally prepare. Warm-ups can also be used to practice skills and team drills.

Heart 256 Step 1: Cardiovascular Exercises
  • Increases circulation
  • Raises body temperature
  • Increases blood flow to muscles
Instrument Thermometer 256Step 2: Stretches
  • Warms and stretches the muscles
  • Allows easier movement
  • Loosens joints
Graph 01 256 Step 3: Strength Exercises
  • Gently increases the intensity level
  • Prepare the body for sudden movements during the physical activity
    *To prevent injury, these should only be done once the muscles are warm.

The most important reason for a warm-up is injury prevention. Keeping the muscles warm will help to prevent muscle strain and overuse injuries by allowing the body to prepare safely and steadily.