Abigail Clarke

Abigail is from Fulham, she joined the College in 2015 as a mature student to study Automotive Engineering at Southall Community College.

“Studying at West London College has been an incredible experience for me. During my three years here, my teachers supported me greatly and helped me overcome gender stereotypes and confidence issues. I am now more assertive in difficult situations and feel confident in my skills and abilities.

“The workshop at Southall Community College is a great facility, it feels like a real garage. I learnt how to use equipment, and got a taste of what it will be like to work in the sector.  

“The attention, extra support and knowledge passed on in my course, together with the research and practical tasks, have prepared me to work in the sector and created new opportunities for me. I am applying this knowledge and skills in my current job and have been offered the opportunity to become a mentor for Volkswagen.”

Abigail is working as a specialised vehicle technician at Automatic Man Garage in Acton. She is interested in studying Automotive Engineering at university and hopes to inspire more women to pursue a career in STEM.

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