Business Management Student and Student Governor

My most stand out experience at the College so far has been my Student Governor nomination. I was flattered. In my role as a Student Governor, I attend various board and committee meetings with members of the board. These board and committee meetings centre around things like performance, teaching quality and learner experience, ensuring that the students' best interests are always at the forefront of decisions made.

It's great to be part of a team of people who take time to listen to each other and give you the chance to contribute ideas that can shape the College. I find the role, and the College as a whole, intellectually challenging and really enjoyable.

I've been encouraged every step of the way with an amazing mentor who did her best to squash any worries or doubts that I’ve had about being up to the job.

This is just one of the many key factors which aid in making this College a great learning environment. During your time here, you will find the College has staff that really care - which is priceless. They are prepared to go that extra mile, invest the time in you and really support you to do well.

Many students go through the educational system not knowing what awaits on the other side, but at this College, there is a strong focus on preparing you for the real world and taking the steps to where you want to go next. This is invaluable. On a personal level, I’d say my world has been opened up and I feel I have more choices.

The teaching and staff at this College will really inspire you to dream, and then give you the tools to then achieve it!