A level student and aspiring Human Rights Lawyer

"Now I have been educated I feel I can climb up an invisible ladder"

I came here straight from Kenya. I studied English in Kenya as it's the second language there, but what I learnt before wasn’t enough so I came to the College to do English again. My first language is Somali.

Everyone I know in London was telling me this College is amazing for studying English and I thought there would be native English teachers here too; I wanted to learn from them.

On the ESOL course we do a lot of reading and writing and also a lot of teamwork. For example we recently worked on a project where we had to collect clothes which we will give to a local charity; we worked on this together as a class.

I love my teachers here, it’s very different to before as teachers in Africa are very strict. My teacher Nicci is an amazing person, she treats us like family.

When I came to the College I couldn’t understand much English at all and didn’t understand directions in class which was really difficult, now I understand even more than I speak. Life has changed a lot for me, as now I can go to interviews by myself and I can talk to people easily, I don’t need anyone to translate.

I love this College and I’m really happy that I chose it, the teachers and staff here are so friendly and I also really enjoy the teamwork in class. I hope to study science at the College after the summer, but I will decide on the course once I get my exam results.