English As A Foreign Language

Aspiring To Be An Art Director

"I was looking for the best English course in London and a friend who studied here told me it was the best. I really like the teachers: they are so friendly and supportive. They tell us to take it easy, to take our time and enjoy the experience."

"We have great facilities. When I talk to my friends they can’t believe we have a gym, a Costa and a big canteen. I didn’t imagine college would be like this, I’m lucky. The location of the College is also great. I enjoy photography and I am always walking around looking for good styles, for me that is the best thing to do here. I like to find some people on the street and ask if I can photograph them, there are so many different personalities here."

"There is a great student community. I have made friends from England, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain. It’s amazing. We learn together, we support each other. We are the same level on our course, so I know I’m not alone. I would tell anyone to come to this college."

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