BTEC Music Technology (Level 3)

Aspiring To Be A Music Producer

"I chose this course because I believe I have the talent to make music and I wanted to take that to the next level. Music is my passion. I’ve been playing piano for my whole life and I’ve recently learned how to play drums. Now my focus is to improve my skills, to upgrade my talent and to become a more rounded artist. An all rounder."

"On the course you learn how to mix, how to master and everything you need in the profession. You get assignments which make you think like a professional artist. We’re set activities that you can use in later life, for example, how to promote yourself on the Internet, how to become a freelancer, how to take care of your tax, things like that. It’s all about preparing you to become the professional artist that you want to be."

"The equipment we use is one of the best things about the College. We use industry standard equipment: headphones, mixers, mics and audio interfaces. It's a professional set-up and we have everything you need to produce music. It also helps being in a class with lots of talented musicians. I get a lot of constructive criticism from my friends and this helps me to improve my art."

"There is a very strong student community on the course. A lot of us are passionate about similar genres of music and we work together and collaborate on tracks. Also, the staff here are very helpful. You know they want you to do well and succeed in your career. It’s a privilege to work with tutors who are passionate about your future. I’m now very confident about the future. In five years, I want to be fulfilling my aims as a music producer. I’d like to be working."