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“Studying at West London College was a very enriching experience for me, interacting with a diverse group of people opened my mind to new cultures, it was something I haven’t experienced before. This helped me to become more confident when communicating with people of different nationalities, which was advantageous during my studies and in my employment thereafter. I can say that I am successful in speaking English as my second language because I built a strong foundation with the EFL course.

I remember my teacher Nathan Watling was very supportive and helped me in my development. This course was a great foundation for me, I improved my English significantly which helped me pass the exam required to do my Master...I was very happy at West London College, I always felt supported and encouraged to do better, I did not want the course to end”.

Andres joined Hammersmith & Fulham College in 2013, he now lives in Barranquilla, Colombia and works at the SOWITECH Group where he has progressed successfully to a Management role in Wind-Solar Resource Engineering.

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