IT (Level 3)

"I was looking for a local college to study at when I found this course at Hammersmith, Ealing & West London College.

I was split between IT and Music as I’ve thought about becoming an urban hip hop music producer. I chose IT to explore the opportunities it could offer and now I’m thinking maybe I could get a career that combines both interests.

The course involves learning about computer networks, graphics, how websites work and some coding. We work on projects based on real life company briefs so we get a taster of what it would be like in the real world.

My favourite things about the college are the environment in which we learn and that there are good facilities. I’ve spent a lot of time in the library researching and studying. Everything you need is right there.

I’ve grown a lot since starting at the college and developed skills ready for the workplace such as self discipline and ensuring I’m punctual for class. Teachers have always been there to give help and advice too, providing opportunities for you to ask questions and taking time to explain things through.

I moved here from Portugal to live with my father so I struggled at first with the English accent but I soon adapted and now it’s completely fine. Getting chosen to work as an ambassador at key events such as enrolment has been a great way to meet more students and staff. The graduation was a highlight because it’s such a nice and celebratory event, it was good to be part of it.

My life has changed a lot since starting at the college, I feel more responsible and am starting to think more wisely about my future options and where I’m going next. There are a lot of opportunities here."