Emmanuel Ojo

Outside of my studies, the College has helped my people skills a lot and now I’m better at working with people. I’m constantly meeting and working with new people through group work, and I feel like I achieve a lot through doing that.

In some colleges, everyone just does their own thing and then goes home, but here everything is more relaxed and the teachers are really good. I think if I’d gone anywhere else I wouldn’t have gained all the skills I have done here.

I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the Students’ Union and being a student ambassador, it’s all been really fun. With the Student Union I helped out with many different tasks, like we had a talent show that was one of the biggest things we did. So I helped with organising the event, distributing posters and setting up – I was kind of like the guy behind the scenes. It was great fun seeing all the different talents. 

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