Site Carpentry Level 2

1st Place SkillBuild Southeast - Site Carpentry

Competing at SkillBuild

Everyone involved in the SkillBuild competition is chosen by their colleges, so the standard is quite high. Our tutor put me and few others from our class forward to compete because he thought we were all really good at what we were doing. It was nice to be given the opportunity. There were people from twelve colleges competing in the southeast event.

It was a six hour task where you had to make a roof. You started off with a drawing of what you were going to build. Then you have to mark it all out on the timber and cut it all, then fix it all together. To win, it's got to be mil-perfect. Every milimeter you get wrong and out of line, you lose points.

Winning the competition

I'm proud of coming 1st. Hopefully it'll help in the future, it'll be something good for the career, one of those extra little things. Even just saying you've been involved in SkillBuild, that you were picked to go and compete is a privilege - not many people get the opportunity.

Support at the College

I've been to other colleges, but this one, your tutors give you that extra kick, more of a push to make you think that you can do it. That’s not saying the other colleges don't - but this one, they go that little bit further. Our tutor, Noel, keeps saying he wants to teach us to be better than him, which is nice because it makes you feel good about your work.

He just loves helping out people all the time and he wants to get everyone through their course. There are twenty of us in a class, but it feels like you’re getting one-to-one tuition, the way that he keeps floating around and helping you out. It's really inspiring and gives you the confidence when you know you can do it all.