Diploma in Hair Dressing (level 2)

Aspiring To Be A Hair Stylist

"I’ve wanted to be a hairdresser since I was 15 years old. I used to cut my friend’s hair, colour their hair, style and things like that. I’ve also always wanted to live in London, so I decided to train at the College. The course covers everything you need: styling, cutting, colouring, along with the theory behind the practice. In a typical lesson, I start by preparing my block depending on what I’m doing at that stage in the course. So if I’m doing highlights, I’d set my block, mix the colours, and then get to work. We also get to go to events and exhibitions."

"Last year, we went to Salon International, which was a good experience. The biggest challenge for me in the beginning was the theory. Since English is not my first language, when we were writing or the teacher was saying something I thought maybe I can’t study in English. But the College has been very supportive. We have an English support teacher who comes in to help. We have classes twice a week for one hour where she helps with writing and assignments, and basically anything we’re struggling with."

"For example, before exams she’ll go through sample questions. It helps a lot. I now feel like I’m ready to build my future. Before this course I was just living, working and getting on with things. Now I’m starting to think about my future, about what I might be able to achieve once I’ve finished my training."

"Now I can say, this is my career, this is what I’ve always wanted to do and I can actually do something about it. If everything goes well, in five years time I’d like to be working in a salon, maybe Toni & Guy, or somewhere like that. I would like to be an experienced hairdresser with a big client list. And then, who knows, maybe I’ll think about opening up my own place."

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