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All the interns are treated like real Hilton employees. I have learnt to be more independent and confident, for example I am travelling to and from work by myself (over an hour’s journey). My communication skills have improved, as I have had to talk to a lot of different staff in the hotel at different levels. The project has also helped me to make friends and relate to lots of different people, including customers.

I have epilepsy which means that I can get tired and stressed easily, so having to cope with early starts and the pressures of a working environment has been a challenge. However, the support from my tutors and the Hilton staff means that I have been able to work through these challenges.

The College has been great — especially the staff, who are really lovely and caring and they are always there to help you.

When I finish this course I’m going to continue to push myself up the corporate ladder and show other people with learning difficulties and epilepsy that they can achieve their ambitions if they work hard.

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