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I have achieved a lot of things through this course. I have gained more knowledge and experience of working in a business environment and the technical knowhow of what it means to work within an organisation. Studying this course has been a life changing experience for me, because I believe I never would have learnt any of the practical applications of the theory if I hadn’t studied here.

The College has been absolutely amazing in terms of providing the support and guidance needed; honestly, everything that a student could ever need to succeed has been provided by the College. One of the best things about it here is the teachers.

They are dedicated to their work, they make sure that everyone is given the same opportunities to learn each module; they never get tired of going over the work until the students understand. It is easy to see that they enjoy their work and are invested in giving their best to the students.

I have also had the opportunity to participate in the Young Enterprise journey which in turn led to me getting an internship with an investment firm.

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