Founder of Nara Health and Beauty

ESOL and beauty therapies alumni

"Before College... I am a fully qualified dermatologist. I studied in Georgia, when I first came to the country I hoped I would continue as a dermatologist. But when I applied, I was rejected. They said I needed to do everything again - all of my medical training. I had two boys to bring up and there was simply no time to retrain."

"So I thought the closest I could get to the skin was to study beauty therapy. I decided to study and get a job as quickly as possible. Studying at the College... The move was a huge change in my life. I did Level 2 and Level 3 beauty therapy at Hammersmith in 2007, but I originally joined the College as an ESOL student in 2000."

"When I first came to the country, I couldn’t speak a word of English, so the course helped me to settle. I enjoyed the beauty therapy courses at Hammersmith a lot: I think my attendance was fabulous. I don’t think I missed a lesson. I had lovely teachers and we even ended up being friends as well."

"The support the teachers gave all the way through my course was amazing because they understand where you are coming from. For example, in my case, they knew it was not my first language, it was my second language and so they helped with that. They explained everything. My time at the College opened up my eyes to the beauty market, because the beauty industry was a closed world to me."