Level 2 Hairdressing Student & Winner of BBC Two Hair 2015

“I knew in my heart I have to follow my dreams in life”

In the middle of last year I had a full time job as a manager in luxury retail, and whilst I learned a lot I felt it wasn’t right for me. I passed the College one day and decided to go in and enquire. I knew I needed to go to College to study hairdressing rather than learning in a salon, as I knew the structured environment would be a great place to learn.

I was conscious of being a mature student and I felt it very important to meet the people who would be teaching me. I was able to meet Hairdressing lecturer Pam Neale, who is lovely. Pam has over 30 years of experience; she is passionate, creative and very inspirational. Meeting her gave me the confidence to make the move, taking me out of my comfort zone. I signed up straight away.

Earlier this year my tutor Pam received an email about auditions for the BBC Two series ‘Hair.’ She encouraged us all to apply and I knew it would be an amazing opportunity so I decided to go for it. There were 1000’s of applicants for the show, they auditioned over 150 and then chose 10 people to participate in the show, including me. Before I knew it, we were in a TV studio, getting ready to start our first day of filming!

I was absolutely thrilled to win. The competition was one of the most intense and surreal experiences of my life. I enjoyed every aspect of the show, from having the resources to create new and wild hair designs, to discovering new things about myself along the way, I can't thank the BBC enough for giving me the opportunity.

The advice I would give for any aspiring hairdresser or creative would be to come into the College and get a feel for the environment. I gave up a career that was set up for me and went back to basics and I’ve not stopped since. Ever since September, I’ve been on a constant high. If you have a passion for something you have to live and breathe it, everything else comes naturally with it.

My career goals are quite defined, I’d like to work in film, TV, editorial and theatre. I see hair as an art form, thus learning everything about hair is inherent.