shkelqim may19 bnr

Shkelqim Skeja is currently on a Level 2 Plumbing Apprenticeship at Park Royal College

Why did you get into your chosen course?

I worked on a construction site and realised I had a passion for plumbing so I decided to look for apprenticeship opportunities. After completing my trial at Woodford Heating and Energy I was offered a placement.

Why is studying your course important to you?

Studying my course will help me get the qualifications I need to be a professional plumber, it also helps me understand the trade and what is expected of me when working in the industry.

How has the course helped you develop?

I feel more confident when working on site because of the theory I learn at college, also with the guidance from my employer I am able to complete jobs to the required standard.

What was your favourite moment at college?

My favourite moment at college was passing the Environmental exam.

What have you got planned next?

After completing my apprenticeship I want to study other construction qualifications. In the long run, I’d like to become a supervisor or site manager.