BTEC Level 3 Sports

I did my GSCEs in an international school in Spain where my family live. I moved here on my own so I could be part of the Boxing Academy.

I’ve always been into sports and so is my mum. We saw lots of colleges and Hammersmith was the last one that we came to. By the end of the visit, I just knew that this was where I wanted to come. I had a good feeling about it, the teachers were more helpful and friendly, and it was the only place with its own boxing academy.

I wanted to study sports but always had difficulty with team sports because of my shyness. I’m the only female in the Boxing Academy so I was quite nervous at the beginning but then you get to know everyone and feel more comfortable.

My parents were worried about me getting hurt and getting a broken nose at first but it isn’t just about sparring. You learn a lot about the rules, importance of warm up and specific techniques.

My life has changed so much since being at the college. I live alone away from my family so I cook and clean by myself whereas before I wouldn’t even eat alone. I’m so much more independent. I have felt homesick at times but you have to get on with it.

My favourite things about the course are learning about sport and nutrition, the boxing and all the people I’ve met at the academy. The teachers have really helped me to overcome my shyness. They encouraged me to speak more in class and made an effort to be inclusive.

Before I came to the college I thought I wanted to take a year out to go travelling and then join the RAF as a mechanic. Now, my plans for the future are more open. Since moving to England and joining the academy, it has opened my eyes to all the other options that are available so I’m leaving it open for now.

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