Cutting Techniques Julienne Vegetables

What is Julienne?

Julienne is a cutting technique where vegetables are cut into small matchstick-like sticks. Common vegetables that can be julienned are carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers and courgettes.

One of the reasons that professional dishes look so fantastic is the attention paid to basic knife techniques. Mastering the cutting technique of julienne will not only make your dish stand out, but will also ensure more controlled cooking.

Where does the technique come from?

The name julienne is French from the names Jules or Julien, presumably from an unknown chef of that name. The technique was originally used in soup called potage julienne (soup in the manner of Jules/Julien), meaning "soup made from thin slices", which is now known as chiffonade.

How to Julienne

Watch our handy tutorial: 


Extra tips

Once you have julienned your vegetables, you can use another cutting technique called Brunoise. Find out more here.

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