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Fees indicated are based on the current year (August 2016 to July 2017) and are subject to change next year.

Our further education courses (Entry to Level 3) are usually free if you are 16-18 years old. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support to help with other costs associated with your course such as course materials and travel.

If you are aged 19 or over you may be required to pay fees.

If you are enrolling onto a Level 3 or 4 course and are over 19 years of age the fees may be higher and you will be required to take out an Advanced Learning Loan, please see the guide to fees for more information.

International students will be required to pay the full International course fee.

For more information, see our guide to fees.

About this course

This exciting qualification is suited to students who are interested in furthering their career in a wide range of business and management related areas or progressing with their academic studies to Degree Level e.g. Marketing, HRM or Accounting. The Higher National Diploma in Business is a two-year course. There is one annual intake a year in September (2-year programme).

The purpose of this course is to develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals able to meet the demands of employers in the business sector and adapt to a constantly changing world.

The course is taught by specialist teachers who will give you experience of the Business sector using 8 Units a year, taught over two semesters.

First Year: In the first year students will be introduced to the subject area allowing for the acquisition of skills and experience through at Level 4 through six core units (these are mandatory), which include one unit assessed by a Pearson-set assignment. This will enable them to fully understand the industry and prepare them for making the transition to the second year. Students will gain a wide range of sector knowledge tied to practical skills gained in research, self-study, directed study and workplace scenarios.

Business HND – Unit information Year 1 Business and the Business Environment Develop your understanding of business, the functions of an organisation and the wider business environments in which organisations operate. Explore the relationships that organisations have with their various stakeholders and how the wider external environments influence and shape business decision-making.

Marketing Essentials Learn about the principles of marketing and how to develop a basic marketing plan to employ elements of the marketing mix to achieve results. Relate these to real-world examples, including products/services that you encounter in your own daily lives.

Human Resource Management Learn the skills to appreciate and apply principles of effective Human Resource Management (HRM). This unit will explore the tools and techniques used in HRM to maximise the employee contribution and how to use HR methods to gain competitive advantage. Students will explore the importance of training and development in building and extending the skills base of the organisation and ensuring it is relevant to the ever-changing business environment.

Management and Operations Develop you understanding of the difference between the function of a manager and the role of a leader by considering the characteristics, behaviours and traits which support effective management and leadership. You will be introduced to contemporary and historical theories and concepts and understand how management and operations make a positive, efficient and effective contribution to an organisation at a junior level.

Management Accounting Get an introduction to the fundamentals of management accounting which apply to the wider business environment and the organisations which operate within that environment. Explore how management accounting uses financial data to aid planning decisions, and the monitoring and control of finance within organisations.

Managing a Successful Business Project This unit is assessed by a Pearson-set assignment. The project brief will be set by the centre, based on a theme provided by Pearson. This will enable you to explore and examine a relevant and current topical aspect of business in the context of the business environment.

Innovation and Commercialisation Learn the tools and techniques organisations use to drive innovation and become more commercial in their approach. The aim of the unit is to give you cutting-edge knowledge as well as practical application of the key ways organisations become more innovative while remaining commercially driven.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Learn about the influence of national culture and economy on entrepreneurship and explore the personal characteristics of entrepreneurs and the impact of personal situational factors, including education and background. You will also learn about the role and importance of small firms to the economy, and about social enterprise and the social economy.

Year 2 Research Project This unit is assessed by a Pearson-set assignment. Choose your own project based on a theme provided by Pearson. The project must be related to your specialist pathway of study (unless you are studying the general business pathway). This will enable you to demonstrate the capacity and ability to identify a research theme, to develop research aims, objectives and outcomes, and to present the outcomes of such research in both written and verbal formats.

Organisational Behaviour Develop your understanding of the influence culture, politics and power have on the behaviour of others in an organisational context. Use this knowledge to make an immediate and positive contribution in the workplace, whether that role is as part of a team or as a team leader.

Operations and Project Management Improve your understanding of contemporary operations theory as a function of a modern organisation. Explore key benchmarks and processes which will enable effective critique of an operation function.

Understanding and Leading Change Learn how to anticipate, plan and deliver organisational change and how to deliver timely interventions required to maximise the benefits and minimise the risk of organisational change.

Global Business Environment Explore the wider position some organisations have in the global environment which will enable you to offer greater breadth and depth to an organisation’s current or aspirational global presence.

Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations The aim of this unit is to provide you with the opportunity to appreciate that developing knowledge and skills to achieve high performance is a cross organisation activity. You will recognise that your own professional development is just one route to improving the performance of those teams and organisations in which you work.

Pitching and Negotiation Skills Learn essential pitching and negotiation skills required to win new contracts on agreeable terms. These skills are essential for the managing and running of a small business or being part of a dynamic and innovative workforce.

Entry Requirements

One of the following Level 3 qualifications: BTEC Level 3 Extended/Diploma/Access to HE Diploma/1 A level or 2 AS levels. Work based qualifications will also need learners to be working in the relevant sector. Some courses will have specific entry requirements. Mature students who do not meet the entry criteria are encouraged to apply and will be considered on the basis of relevant work experience, passing the course entrance assessment and successful interview. If first language is not English, learners should have a minimum 5.5 IELTS for Higher National Diplomas alongside a UK or equivalent international qualification.

Assessment Method

Assessment is an integral part of the overall learning process and our student centred approach aims to promote initiative and creativity, critical thinking, evaluation, decision making, personal reflection and effective communication skills. Each unit carries a number of assessments including the following: reports, presentations, case studies and in class tests. One unit is set by the awarding body.

Progression Opportunities

As well as being a valuable qualification in its own right, successful students can normally expect to progress onto the final year of a business related degree course at university. Most universities would request an IELTS score of 6.5 for international students.

Learners have successfully completed the HND course have progressed onto the final year of the BA (Hons) International Business Administration Degree, BA (Hons) Business Degree or BA (Hons) Enterprise and Business Entrepreneurship Degree.

Study Methods

You will be based at Hammersmith Campus, learning during the day, full time.

As part of the course curriculum delivery employer visits and guest speakers are arranged to enhance and contextualise learning where appropriate.

All units are delivered using a diverse range of appropriate teaching and learning methods that support independent student learning. These include informal lectures, online teaching materials and research activities. Learners are encouraged to actively engage with learning through discussions, role plays, feedback team presentations and Q and A sessions.


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