DEC - Design, Engineer, Construct

The Built Environment

Roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, offices, schools, even this College - they are just a few of the things that make up what the construction industry calls ‘the Built Environment’. Have you ever thought about how these things came to be, or how it all works?

We often take the buildings and infrastructure around us for granted, but all of it simply wouldn’t exist without highly skilled designers, engineers and construction professionals.

Right now, the Built Environment is facing a huge skills gap, with a lack of skilled people to fill job vacancies. West London College is working to solve this problem by offering Design Engineer Construct!® (DEC) qualifications. DEC aims to train new generations of professionals and provide real opportunities to progress to employment, apprenticeships and higher education.

Why DEC?

DEC has been designed with the help of Built Environment professionals to create challenging and rewarding courses. Combined with the excellent facilities at West London College and our own experienced staff, you will develop the skills and knowledge you need for a career in the Built Environment.

DEC allows you to explore your imagination and creativity, taking part in project-based workshops and giving you the opportunity to get your hands on high-tech industry tools and software. Find out what it’s like to have a role in the industry, such as being an architect, surveyor or landscape designer. You will build your literacy and numeracy skills by putting all of that English and Maths into real scenarios that are relevant to the world of work. Your communication, team working and presentation skills will also be developed as your prepare reports, presentations and feedback - many of which are presented to Built Environment Specialists.


Careers in construction include so much more than bricklaying, plumbing and carpentry. Design Engineer Construct!® can help you build on your strengths and you may even find a career that you haven’t considered before.

Take a look at some of the exciting career opportunities available in the Built Environment and click to find out more information.

Land Surveyor - Land Surveyors collect highly accurate data to map the shape of the land

Structural Engineer - Structural Engineers ensure buildings are stable and safe

Architect - Architects use creative ideas and technical know-how to design great buildings

Building Services Engineer - Building Services Engineers bring buildings and services to life

Civil Engineering Surveyor - Civil Engineering Surveyors ensure structures are the right size and in the right place

Quantity Surveyor - Quantity Surveyors take care of the purse strings and legalities on huge projects

Facilities Manager - Facilities Managers make buildings work

Site Manager - Site Managers influence the entire construction process

Civil Engineer - Civil Engineers are creative problem solvers who create amazing structures

Ecologist - Ecologists help reduce the impact a development has on the environment.

Planner- Planners shape the way our towns and cities are developed and built