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Fees indicated are based on the current academic year (2019/20) and are subject to change next year.

For students under 19

Our courses & apprenticeships are usually free if you are 18 or under on the 31st of August 2019. Some courses have additional fees for things like materials and travel, which you will need to pay at the start of your course. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support for these costs.

For students aged 19 or over

If you are aged 19 or over you may be required to pay fees. Some courses may be free, depending on your circumstances. Certain Level 3 & 4 courses require you to pay the fee in full or take out an Advanced Learning Loan to pay for your course. Please see our guide to fees for more information.

International Students

Students from outside the EU/EEA need to pay the full international fee for their course. Please note, West London College does not offer Tier 4 Visa Sponsorship for students to study in the United Kingdom.


About this course

If you’re a manager interested in helping others develop professionally, you may be keen to take on the role of coach or mentor within the job you already do. The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is a course that will give you a grounding in good practice of these areas, helping you feel confident, and providing you with skills and strategies that will make your approach most effective.

You will cover context and process for coaching and mentoring, which will help you understand your role as coach or mentor better. On this mentoring pathway, you’ll also learn how to plan and organise formal workplace mentoring sessions over an extended period for professional development purposes. This will help you design and implement effective mentoring so your sessions will be more worthwhile for the people you manage, and you will learn how to use feedback to make your work relevant and appropriate.

Continuing professional development helps people stay ahead of their game, and benefits industries as a whole because it means workers and managers regularly update their skills and knowledge. Taking on a role within coaching and mentoring will help your CPD as well as the progress of those who work with you, so the ILM Level 3 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is as valuable to your employers as it is to you.


Module 1: Understanding good practice in workplace coaching (A/503/9561) On completion of this unit you will:

  • Understand the context for effective workplace coaching

  • Understand the process and content of effective workplace coaching

Module 2: Understanding good practice in workplace mentoring (T/503/9610) On completion of this unit you will:

  • Understand the context and processes for effective workplace mentoring

Module 3: Undertaking an extended period of mentoring in the workplace (F503/9612) On completion of this unit you will:

  • Be able to plan and organise formal workplace mentoring sessions

  • Be able to undertake at least 36 hours of formal workplace mentoring

  • Be able to summarise and analyse a period of formal mentoring in the workplace using stakeholder feedback

  • Know how to use supervision to enhance workplace mentoring

Module 4: Reflecting on workplace mentoring skills (F/503/9613)

Entry Requirements

Although there are NO formal entry requirements for the ILM Level 3 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, it is targeted at new managers who want to develop their coaching and mentoring skills. You will find there are a few basic assessments in English and Maths.

Assessment Method

Youll get a question paper at the end of each lesson, and this should take you around 1-2 hours to complete. These papers, once marked by your assessor, will enable your tutor to continually monitor your progress and provide help and advice where needed. The course is estimated to require around 36 hours of study time in total.

To gain the qualification you will need to successfully complete all the units in the course. Please note: Online access is required in order to complete this course.


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