London is one of the UK’s largest economic hubs and offers countless employment opportunities.

If you are curious about how things work, have an analytical mind and want to apply what you learn to solve real world problems, engineering is the perfect career for you!

Why choose Engineering?

  • Engineering is one of the top paid professions
  • Engineers are highly employable
  • Engineering opens doors for career progression
  • Engineers make a difference

Aeronautical Engineering

As an aeronautical engineer you will research, design and maintain the performance of civil and military aircraft and their components.

Aviation Engineering

As an aviation engineer you will use practical skills to carry out aircraft maintenance.

Electrical / Electronic Engineering

As an electrical engineer you will work in a team with other specialists such as architects, technicians and other engineers in sectors such as power generation and supply, construction, transport infrastructure, computer hardware and software, manufacturing, and science and technology.

Automotive Engineering

As an automotive engineer you will research, design and develop vehicles and their systems.

Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer you could work in sectors including rail travel, automotive, healthcare technologies, defence and robotics.

Rail Engineering

As a rail engineer you could work in different specialities, such as train engines, rolling stock, track, system design, overhead lines or switches and crossings.


Next steps

Possible options for progression to employment include:

Mechanic Electronics Apprentice
Reception Engineer Workshop Technician
Technical Sales Engineer Aeronautical Engineer
Chemical Engineer Electrical Engineer