ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages)
Fee Information

Fees indicated are based on the current academic year (2019/20) and are subject to change next year.

For students under 19

Our courses & apprenticeships are usually free if you are 18 or under on the 31st of August 2019. Some courses have additional fees for things like materials and travel, which you will need to pay at the start of your course. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support for these costs.

For students aged 19 or over

If you are aged 19 or over you may be required to pay fees. Some courses may be free, depending on your circumstances. Certain Level 3 & 4 courses require you to pay the fee in full or take out an Advanced Learning Loan to pay for your course. Please see our guide to fees for more information.

International Students

Students from outside the EU/EEA need to pay the full international fee for their course. Please note, West London College does not offer Tier 4 Visa Sponsorship for students to study in the United Kingdom.


About this course

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses are for people who live and work in the UK and who want to improve their English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will learn in a friendly and welcoming environment where you will have the opportunity to practise all 4 skills regularly.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements but all new learners will complete an initial assessment to make sure that you are placed on the right course for your level of ability. These take place at the college you want to study at and you do not have to prepare for it.

Assessment Method

Depending on your level of English, you will either sit an Ascentis exam at the end of the semester in the skill you are learning (speaking, listening, reading and/or writing) or you will complete your course by working towards individual targets set by your teacher. You will be given homework to complete each week and your individual targets will be reviewed regularly by you and your teacher.

Progression Opportunities

You can progress into the next semester depending on your attendance and whether you pass your exam or achieve your targets. You will be advised of your next steps by your teacher. At Entry 3 and Level 1, you will be encouraged to think about other courses in the college to support your future job prospects.

Study Methods

You will learn in different ways and your teacher will work closely with you to make sure you get the most out of your course and your progress will be reviewed regularly. We will always encourage you to use your new skills both inside and outside the classroom. You will study for 4 hours a week over 2 days.


We look forward to welcoming you to Ealing, Hammersmith and West London's College. We are enrolling now. Come along to the College to enrol directly. See our enrolment dates and times.