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Travel, Leisure & Tourism
Fee Information

Fees indicated are based on the current academic year (2018/19) and are subject to change next year.

For students under 19

Our courses & apprenticeships are usually free if you are 18 or under on the 31st of August 2019. Some courses have additional fees for things like materials and travel, which you will need to pay at the start of your course. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support for these costs.

For students aged 19 or over

If you are aged 19 or over you may be required to pay fees. Some courses may be free, depending on your circumstances. Certain Level 3 & 4 courses require you to pay the fee in full or take out an Advanced Learning Loan to pay for your course. Please see our guide to fees for more information.

International Students

Students from outside the EU/EEA need to pay the full international fee for their course. Please note, West London College does not offer Tier 4 Visa Sponsorship for students to study in the United Kingdom.


About this course

Are you are aged 19 plus with a real interest in travel? Perhaps you’d like an exciting career working as a member of air cabin crew? This a course is great opportunity for you to get a head start! Our Junior Air Cabin Crew Academy course will provide a great introduction to the role of cabin crew and you’ll learn all about the different jobs in the industry, both in UK-based and global airlines. You’ll also practice your new skills in our mock air cabin. This course covers the following subjects:

  • Understanding the role of air cabin crew
  • Different airlines and what they offer
  • Preparing for employment in the industry
  • Airline terminology
  • Worldwide geography
Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course however please bear in mind that airlines may not accept you if you have visible tattoos and you are unable to swim.

Assessment Method

Assessment will be through practical activities and short tests.

Progression Opportunities

Following the successful completion of the course you could enrol onto the L2 Cabin Crew day or evening course or enrol onto the Cabin Crew Attestation course. Other progression opportunities include our Aviation , Travel and Tourism courses.

Study Methods

Practical role plays and distant learning. Learn in our mock up cabin and through team work activities.


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