We run preparation classes for the following English Language exams:

  • Trinity GESE A1 (Spouse Visa)
  • Trinity GESE A2 (Spouse Visa Extension)
  • Trinity GESE B1 (Citizenship)
  • IELTS Life Skills A1 (Spouse Visa)
  • IELTS Life Skills A2 (Spouse Visa Extension)
  • IELTS Life Skills B1 (Citizenship)

These are all Speaking & Listening exams.

The two hour lesson will cover the language and skills needed to pass the exam, and the teacher will advise students if they are ready for the exam.

After the lesson, we can help students to book their exam online.

** We are not the exam board, but we can help students to book. ALL exams MUST be booked online. Students must bring ID and a credit or debit card to make the payment.

We also offer lessons to help students prepare for the Life in the UK Test, which is required for Citizenship. This is not a language test. It is a test of knowledge about the UK – including culture, geography, history and society.

Most exam classes have two students and the teacher. The maximum class size is four.

All language exams cost £90 for a two-hour lesson.

Life in the UK lessons cost £175 for two lessons of two hours.

For more information, please call 02082316076.