What is an online mock test?

An online mock test is the perfect solution for someone who wants to familiarize themselves with the format of the IELTS test, find out their level of English, improve exam techniques and see what they need to improve in order to get a better score. The mock test is available in two modes: the Test Mode (TM) and the Practice Mode (PM). The TM is used to assess the level of English and it reflects what happens in the real exam; the PM can be used as a learning tool with tips on how to do the test more effectively. The mock test is always assigned in the test mode first and later in the PM.

How does the online mock test work in test mode?

Once you have purchased a mock test you will be given a user name and password and you will be assigned a test that you can access at any time from college, home or any place with internet access. Once you have logged in and started your mock test, it will automatically switch off after an allocated time. e.g. - the reading or writing will switch off after one hour.  The results are automatically emailed to us. An experienced IELTS teacher will mark your work and give you constructive feedback with suggestions for improvements.

How does the online mock test work in practice mode?

When you have completed your mock test in Test Mode, you will be assigned the same test in the Practice Mode.  You will have access to a range of exam tips on how to do particular parts of the test and there is a dictionary for all unknown words - all you need to do is to double-click on the word and the dictionary explanation will pop up on the screen. It also includes an audio script; the ability to mark and change individual answers and sample answers for writing. It is a brilliant tool to improve your exam taking skills.

Do I need to complete the whole test at once?

No, you do not have to do all the papers at once. You can do the listening, reading or writing in your own time and in any order and you can come back to the rest of the test later.

How many mock tests can I purchase?

At the moment you can only purchase two mock tests - test 1 and test 2 - Please specify how many you want to purchase on the order form.

Is speaking included in the mock test?

The speaking test cannot be marked by a real examiner as it is technically not possible to do it on-line. However, this part of the test is provided online, along with exam tips and useful language for the Speaking paper in order to provide practice for the complete test.

How much does the online test cost?

The online test is available at the cost of £25 for both the Test and Practice Mode. You can purchase up to two mock tests. The writing is marked by an experienced IELTS teacher and you will then receive constructive feedback with the suggestions for improvement.

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