Isaac Newton

12 Facts about Sir Isaac Newton that you might not know

  1. Newton had a stutter - but he was in good company! Aristotle, Moses, Winston Churchill and Charles Darwin were all known to stumble over their words.
  2. He was obsessed with the Bible - he wrote more on religion than he ever did on science and maths. In fact, he believed that God had chosen him specifically to interpret the Bible.
  3. Sir Isaac Newtown's father was also called Isaac Newton.
  4. French writer Voltaire first recorded the story that a falling apple gave Newton the inspiration for his theory of gravitation. Voltaire cited Newton's niece as his source for the story.
  5. Under the Old Style Julian Calendar, Newton's birthday falls on25th December. This has led to some people celebrating "Newtonmas" instead of Christmas, and exchange apples and science related items as gifts.
  6. Apparently Newton invented the cat flap!
  7. The only words Newton spoke during his year as a Member of Parliament were to an usher. He complained about a draft.
  8. Newton was born into a farming family, and luckily for the rest of the world he wasn't very good and so went to study at Trinity College in Cambridge.
  9. The majority of Newton's findings were made in his 20s, but were not released to the World for several years.
  10. Newton was extremely fascinated by alchemy, but kept this work on the down low because in the 1600s it was a felony to make gold and silver.
  11. Newton developed the first functional reflecting telescope, the Newtonian Telescope, in 1688.
  12. The apple never actually fell on Newton's head!

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