English is the language of the skies

English is widely spoken around the World, in fact it's the official language of 67 countries.

Bu English isn't just spoken on land, it's also the language of the skies! English is spoken by pilots to identify themselves on lights regardless of where they're from.

You might know that English is the language of many lands (it’s the official language of 67 countries) but did you know it’s the language of the skies, too? That’s right, English is spoken by all pilots and controllers to identify themselves on flights, regardless of where they are from. This is because several aircrafts can be on the same radio frequency and it's important that pilots know exactly what's going on around them. This has helped improve communications in the air, as historically many crashes were caused by poor communication.

This is just another example of how learning English improves employability and can advance careers!

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Stefan Drew