Garry Phillips 300 across

Our CEO Garry Phillips has laid out his vision for how Further Education Colleges will need to change their thinking and approach to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow in an article for TES Magazine.

In the article, Garry talks about the need to move away from the classic ‘chalk and talk’ style of teaching where students are passive recipients of information, rather than active learners. He also talks about the importance of students being active, flexible learners, while noting that tutors must be empowered by colleges to become facilitators, encouraging skills-based learning by inviting experts to provide students with the practical skills that new industries demand.

It’s a crucial time for FE Colleges around the country. With colleges such as Westminster Kingsway, Uxbridge, Stanmore and the College of North West London facing mergers, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College will stay standing alone, and Garry’s approach to learning will be key in the College’s continued success.

The College already has a strong focus on getting students ready for careers, with a working restaurant, beauty salon, automotive shop and simulated aircraft cabin just some of the examples of where learning is taken out of the traditional classroom.  The college even has a working 1m tall humanoid robot which students can learn to program.

Students from Level 2 onwards are also provided with free Chromebooks and in-College wifi to encourage digital learning to prepare them for a modern world.

As Garry notes, it is very difficult to predict what tomorrow might bring for the workforce. What we do know is that it will be different - and Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College are one FE College helping to lead the charge in training the self-driving car mechanics and drone engineers of the future.

See Garry’s full article here.