Collab group london colleges

7 April 2017
Collab Group and London Capital Colleges have announced an agreement creating London Capital Colleges-Collab Group Partnership to support pan-London policy development and lobbying.

West London’s College is already a member of both groups and both have similar objectives.

Collab Group has a national focus and works to transform the UK economy through the delivery of high-quality technical and professional education.

LCC has a similar objective. The purpose of LCC is to ensure that the ‘voice’ and wealth of experience of London skills-based colleges is appropriately represented, and to further the profile and focus of member colleges in addressing the skills needs of employers, individuals and job-seekers in London.

The new partnership is especially important given the issues that will have a significant impact on the London economy and the FE Sector in the coming years, notably: Brexit; the Government’s Industrial Strategy; the creation of Institutes of Technology; the Skills for London Strategy that the Mayor’s office is now beginning to work on; the devolution of AEB; and the Mayor’s stated objective of wanting the 16-19 skills budgets devolved to his office.

Ian Pretty, CEO, Collab Group said

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to strengthen our offer for London by partnering with London Capital Colleges. Our unique collaboration means we are best placed to present real solutions for government, industry, learners and job seekers across the capital."

The employment rate in London lags behind the UK average, and employers attribute 24 per cent of vacancies in the city to skills shortages, which have a negative impact on performance and growth. West London's College are working hard to alleviate these skills shortages and have launched the Evolve Learning Group to support and guide businesses through the process of recruiting and training apprentices.