Alim Kamara lit up the stage at Hammersmith and Fulham College

Alim Kamara returned to Hammersmith & Fulham College for Black History Month in an exceptionally uplifting event with students spontaneously joining Alim on stage.

The award-winning storyteller, artist and motivational speaker was overwhelmed by the positive atmosphere in the foyer of Hammersmith & Fulham College.  

The excellent Wednesday afternoon was organised our Learning Centre, who invited Alim to speak to students about importance of the Black History Month and themes associated with the celebration.

Alim has been very popular at the College, gaining instant popularity among students and staff, before returning for the Reading Ahead Challenge earlier this year.

Alim Kamara Learning centre staff

Above: Alim Kamara with our Learning Centre staff. 

Alim’s programme touched on many important issues, such as the burning issue of casual racism in advertising, the common mistake of referring to Africa as if it was a country rather than a continent and lack of understanding about the current face of African countries.

His presentation included sequence with pictures of modern buildings from across Africa, defying common view of Africa as undeveloped continent. He also mentioned well and less known figures from black history, and highlighted the influence of cultural memory on everyday lives of minorities.

Many of our students stayed or came back after the show to ask for Alim’s contact details, and more opportunities to see more of his work. 

When asked what keeps him coming back to colleges and schools to talk to kids and young people, Alim said:

“It is really the response from the young people and the atmosphere. I like the fact that it is a Black History Month, but is is celebrated by everyone, globally.

“The atmosphere at the event was amazing and I cannot wait to come back for more events!”