West London College Celebration of Success FE Awards

13 July 2017

Our students have been honoured for the 2016-17 year at the Celebration of Success FE Awards, featuring actor, comedian and social media star, Tolu Ogunmefun.

A total of 65 students from each of our four colleges were honoured for their achievement, their work ethic and for overcoming adversity. Also recognised on the night were College apprenticeship employees Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support Limited and Bouygues UK for their stellar job in helping to provide bright futures for some of our apprentices.

The College has had a highly successful year, returning to Ofsted Grade 2 in just 18 months and winning the TES FE Award for being the best user of technology. This night however, the spotlight was on honouring the students and their outstanding and inspirational success.

Actor, comedian and Youtube star Tolu Ogunmefun gave an inspirational and entertaining speech, reminding students the importance of persistence and doing what you love. He also gave credit to all the teachers and parents who supported students on the night.

Our overall winners

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the awards for Student of the Year and Apprentice of the Year which were presented to Access to HE student Louise Fyfe-Taylor and plastering apprentice Lee Vowles.

Louise has been a truly outstanding student, achieving distinctions in all her graded units and being an amazing source of support and help to her fellow classmates. On top of her work out College, Louise has collected over 45,000 signatures on a petition to let schools in England know that they have to have a medical conditions policy. Louise has accepted an offer to study pediatric nursing at King’s College and will start in September.

Lee is an excellent apprentice with a great attitude, keenness and work ethic on the jobsite. This year Lee became a father and despite having less study time than his peers still passed all of his exams first time and came into College to make up days lost. He started out his apprenticeship as a somewhat shy character, but has grabbed the opportunity with both hands and developed into a confident, talented and inspiring young man.  

What they said

College Award for Student of the Year Award
Louise Fyfe-Taylor, Level 3 Access to HE Diploma in Nursing

“I’m very lucky and grateful to receive this award, I was quite surprised. I’m really pleased and proud of what I’ve achieved as I have a real passion for what I’m doing to help children and families.”


Apprentice of the Year Award
Lee Vowels, Plastering Apprentice with Keaneys Plastering

 “I didn’t expect to get nominated, so it’s a big achievement for me and I’m very proud. I really enjoy what I do, the feeling of starting with a bag of plaster and turning it into something amazing is indescribable. The College has all the right teachers and right equipment, and have really helped me with the theory side of my work.”


Tolu Ogunmefun, Comedian

“Being here is really amazing, the energy from the students and the look on the faces of the students receiving their certificates was overwhelming and inspirational. Awards like this are very important to encourage students and inspire new people coming into College.”


Garry Phillips, CEO of West London College

“Tonight has been an ecstatic and exciting event to finish the year off and celebrate our students’ achievement. They’ve spent the past year gaining their qualifications to move into higher education, further education or employment. We wish them all the best, it’s been a fantastic night and every credit to their endeavours.”