Award winners cropped

Students across a range of subjects at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College have been recognised for their hard work and high achievement at an awards ceremony sponsored by NCFE and the Learning Curve Group at Kensington Olympia.

The FE Awards - Celebration of Success saw a total of 37 student nominated for an award by their tutors against a criteria which considered a range of variables including their commitment to work, behaviour and progress throughout the year .

Speeches were made by both Garry Phillips, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College CEO and local MP for Hammersmith Andy Slaughter, while Awards were presented by Assistant Principals Yvonne Ogorek, Dave Barker and Roslyn O'Garro.

During his address, Slaughter noted that Hammersmith is full of businesses who need skilled staff for the future and the area is continuing to expand putting the students in a prime position for future employment opportunities. He also reserved special praise for the College’s supported learners, saying:

“These are young people who have overcome massive obstacles to learning. I’m very proud that the local Council, Sofitel, L'oreal and other employers have partnered with the College in supported internships that have been very successful and resulted in job offers.”

Following the event, College CEO Garry Phillips said:

“I am extremely proud of all of our students and it was great to see them walk across the stage to receive their awards and start the next step in their education, profession or careers.”

The Celebration of Success - FE Awards are an annual event run by Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College to formally acknowledge our most dedicated students. We would like to offer a huge congratulations to each of the students nominated, and thank them for making the occasion on Thursday night such a special one.

The full list of winners

A Levels
John Obmasca nominated by Geeta Rautela & Steve Jinman
Samuela Smolorz nominated by Charles Oulton & Steve Jinman
Anwar Syed nominated by Geeta Rautela & Steve Jinman

Applied Science
Ella Edozie nominated by Jeyagowri Rajaji & Bina Bhardwaj

Art, Design & Creative Media
Angelika Starzac nominated by Christie Archer

Building & Construction
Omari Charles nominated Paul Ratti
Sam Dixon nominated Noel Hall
Alexander Stephen Heffernan nominated by Noel Hall

Naanmetjir Kefas Amos nominated by Sonia McDonald & Kulbir Sehgal
Sana Arshad nominated by Richard Dawkins & Kulbir Sehgal
Amanda Mitchell nominated by Sonia McDonald & Kulbir Sehgal

Abigail Clarke nominated by Shah Hamdam & Lloyd Davis
Kamal Aship Thapa nominated by Mamta Gupta

Tayyaba Muhammad Rauf nominated by Catherine Dodd

Computing & ICT
Joseph Kelly nominated by Darryl Slack & Marie Duquesne
Mohamad Ghaith Kridi nominated by Vernon Righelato & Marie Duquesne
Martin Wilson nominated by Dave Zimmerman

Maria-Malena Rau nominated by Shann Boyd
Quincarl Ann Niguas nominated by Nicci Golland

Hair & Beauty
Amy Fletcher nominated by Luisa Cortez
Philip Hunt nominated by Meyrem Salih & Ruth Bennett
Priyaben Patel nominated by Jacqueline Wallace

Health & Social Care
Sheila Davis nominated by Bryan Smikle

Hospitality & Catering
Siman Hassan nominated by Sylvain Auger & Robert Carruthers
Kostadin Mitushev nominated by Jeffrey Gonzales
Rammyglenn Resumandero nominated by Sylvain Auger

Inclusive Learning
Jodie Clark nominated by Angie Hincks
Michael O'Sullivan nominated by Angie Hincks

Professional Studies
Alexandra Rai nominated by Julie Claridge
Madeleine Reid nominated by Julie Claridge

Public Services
Margarita Grzesko nominated by Derek Benfield & Nicole Onyett
Nadeem Rehman nominated by Derek Benfield & Nicole Onyett

Sports & Fitness
Dixon Blighton nominated by Michael Quamina & Nicole Onyett
Kishan Vaja nominated by Andre James & Nicole Onyett

Travel & Tourism
Patrycja Eichstadt nominated by Monish Bhandar, Peter Smith & Shirley Noel
Kristina Koncar nominated by Monish Bhandar, Peter Smith & Shirley Noel
Zhanina Mircheva nominated by Monish Bhandar, Peter Smith & Shirley Noel