GCSE results day header

We've celebrated some great GCSE results across our four Colleges, with some truly fantastic stories of individual success. 

The results were led by exceptional Key Stage 4 student Jules Rodrigues from Southall Community College. Jules passed all five of his GCSE subjects and had the honour of being the very first WLC student to pick up a 9 (A* equivalent) under the new grading system. Jules has had a very successful year winning the College spelling bee and showing great determination and positivity to all his studies.

 Jules Rodrigues

Above: Jules takes in his great results

The College also celebrated some excellent results in adult Maths & English with several A and A* grades across Acton, Ealing, Hammersmith & Southall. A standout student among them was Renee Kfoury. Renee started at WLC on our Skills for Life programme and has completed several ESOL courses alongside her GCSEs . She went on to score an amazing A* in Maths, and will now train as a Maths teacher herself. 

University success

For a number of our vocational students, GCSE Maths & English were the last qualification they needed to get into university on the back of amazing vocational results. Their success stories are all great example of the multiple paths students can take to get into university. 

Mohamad Kridi, 21 Started at West London College on an ESOL Entry 1 course in 2014, new to the country and without much English. Today he got a C on his GCSE resits and will be going to Queens University Belfast to study Software Engineering following his D*D*D* result in his ICT Diploma.

Mohamad said “I was incredibly nervous going into the year, but achieving well on the first assessment gave me confidence. It was my dream to go to university, and I’m very proud of what I have achieved”.

1Mohamad Kridi

Majabeen Sohrabi, 19 has been incredibly successful on her BTEC in Applied Science scoring DMM, and a scholarship at the University of Westminster awaited her if she could get the allusive C in English.

Majabeen did even better than that - she got an A. “I didn’t sleep last night I was so nervous” Majabeen said. “I attended every class and every revision workshop this year, I was so determined to do this. This result is the key to the next chapter in my life”.

1Majabeen Sohrabi

Keisha Royer, 34  spent an incredibly challenging year studying Access to Humanities & Social Sciences, looking after her two children, working part time - and studying for an all important GCSE in English. Keisha made the grade, and is now off to Kingston University to do a Bachelors Degree in Social Care.

Keisha was incredibly proud of her result: “I was so nervous and excited to get my results as it was such a tough decision to commit time to studying in the first place. I’m so happy with what I’ve achieved. I’m the first person in my family to go to university, and I’ve shown my kids that it is never too late to succeed”.

1Keisha Royer

Anika Capistrano, 21 achieved a B in English and C in Maths, setting her up nicely for when she finishes her Level 3 BTEC in Applied Science. 

I’m very happy because I didn’t expect to pass Maths” said Anika. “This opens up so many options for me, as I can now look to go to university to study zoology, or move into the workforce through an apprenticeship in Animal Care”.


Picked up your GCSE results and still deciding what to do next? Whether your goal is further study, university or employment, we can help you get there. We're enroling new students right now - visit wlc.ac.uk/enrolment for all the dates and times.