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24 March 2017

Head Google Innovator and Learning Technology Trainer Wendy Peskett appeared on the Jisc podcast this week, joining TES further education editor Stephen Exley to talk about technology in classrooms and the impact of Going Google: The West London Way.  

Back in February Ealing, Hammersmith and West London's College  won the TES Further Education Award for outstanding use of technology for teaching, learning and assessment. This week Wendy Peskett went on the Jisc podcast to talk about winning the award and some of the great innovations the Google team have brought to WLC. 

Listen to the podcast here. Wendy comes in around the 2:23 mark.

Here are some of the highlights that Wendy shared about Going Google The West London Way:

  • The College has shared over 1.5 million documents using Google Drive
  • Half of our students are using Google Classroom with all growth happening organically
  • Students tell us that the project means they are getting feedback from tutors a lot faster and the quality of it is higher
  • Winning the TES Award has boosted awareness of Google innovators among staff leading to more and more people getting involved.

The College is always on the look out for more Google Innovators among both staff and students. Let your tutor know if you'd like to be involved!