The Google Classroom logo at West London's College
30 March 2017

Last week we told you all about the impact that Going Google the West London Way has had on West London's College. This week, we'd like to share with you some of the student feedback we recently received.

Google Classroom ties together multiple Google services and makes assigning work, grading and giving feedback to students much easier. Recently, our Google team reached out to students who have been using the system and they gave us some good feedback, information on how they use it, and some great suggestions on how we could use the system even more: 

* I would like every teacher to use Google Classroom to give homework. 
* I have used Google Classroom in my English class. My teacher gives me homework on Google Classroom.
* I use Google Docs to do my assignments.
* I use Google Drive to work on my assignments instead of Microsoft apps because I can access it from any where even my phone.
* I think it would be a good idea if the college puts the students timetable on Google Calendar because it's easier to us to access and we can use the Google Calendar app to get reminders before the lesson.
* I would like this community to share more information about other google apps that might be helpful but students usually don't use.
* I use Google Classroom for my work.
* We use Google Classroom to complete all our study skills and assignments.
* I would like to see more college alerts like term dates on this community.
* We use Google Docs, slides and draw to make work so it can save automatically with no worries of losing your work, and we use Google Classroom so we don't need to save any work on Word or PowerPoint.
* We could use Google Hangouts more to chat with teacher at home when we have problems.