Comptia ICT course West London College

14 November 2017

At West London College we  pride ourselves on helping students not only with their academic goals but with their careers goals too. A great example of this is the excellent partnership between Bute House Preparatory School for Girls and our CompTIA A+ students initiated by ICT lecturer Sergik Gharapetian and Bute House Hr Manager Janette Patterson.

“I really love helping people, putting them on the right track and seeing them become enriched with education,” explains Sergik. “All of my experience in the IT business helped me realise I need to raise the standards of education – which I feel are pretty low when it comes to technology.”

Some or Sergik’s students has gone to start their own businesses after completing the CompTIA course, while others continue to university or higher level industry qualifications. But some students take advantage of Sergik’s professional network and start their career with an IT internship.sergik gharapetian

At the moment, I have four or five institutions that have shown interest in West London’s College IT students,” says Sergik about his growing network. “Bute House, in particular, has been very committed. It saves time and money hiring IT support, and at the same time it is actually helping members of our community as well.”

What started as a short-term solution to a skill gap, developed into a partnership. Students have an opportunity to get involved in projects and improve their skills. Patterson says that the candidates come with very good skill set already but Bute House can help them gain valuable experience.

“We give Sergik’s students hands-on opportunities, and we help develop them so when they launch into their careers, they can say they have a year’s experience. We can also help point them in the directions they want to go.”

The internship experience helped one student to gain employment with global corporation in London and another secured a job as an IT manager at school. Other former interns also went to apply for universities or further qualifications.

Deepak Singh is a former student of Sergik's, and now works at Bute House. 

“My favourite part of the course was the student-teacher interaction. Sergik completely understood how to keep the students motivated and the lessons were mixed with theory and also practical elements. He made us feel like we were actual IT technicians by presenting a number of real-world problems that we would encounter working in the field.

“I immensely enjoyed the course and Sergik is a brilliant teacher. I have already recommended it to my friends - the college environment was very friendly and also welcoming from the start.”

CompTIA A+ is an internationally recognised, introductory technology certification which you can start at West London College in February 2018. Find out more on our courses page.