Garry and Megan

 9 March 2018

This week we celebrate both the International Women’s Day and the National Apprenticeship week, looking at the success and talents of both apprentices and women around the world. West London College had a special opportunity to celebrate both at the same time, as our CEO Garry Phillips awarded Megan Walsh, Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice, with her certificate.

Megan is a great example of a successful female apprentice. She hasn’t only made the most out of her work within the Evolve Learning Group office, but she also used her position to promote apprenticeships and their personal and professional benefits to other people and businesses. She won a highly commended award last year at the London Borough of Ealing Apprenticeship Awards for her achievements and attitude.

Megan’s manager Melissa Mann commented on Megan’s journey with Evolve:

‘In her first year as an apprentice, she was involved in a range of areas learning about exams, enrolments and indeed how apprenticeships worked both from a personal and professional perspective. The Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standard will give Megan an opportunity to hone her skills and focus on larger projects such as apprenticeship recruitment.’

West London College CEO Garry Phillips presented Megan with her certificate and congratulated her on her success so far. He appreciated the dedication she has shown in her course as well as the positive light Megan’s success has shed on the college and its apprenticeship programmes.

Megan will now progress to her Level 3, continuing her work for the Evolve Learning Group’s office. Her progression to a higher level will enable her to get involved in larger projects and become a true expert administrator. She commented on her next steps:

‘I am really happy to finish my Level 2 and I am excited about the next steps and opportunities that I will have with the Evolve office. Since the first day, I’ve felt truly integrated to the team and I enjoy my work with the team every day.’

Megan is a great example of the success that young people can achieve through apprenticeships, regardless of their gender. She is also a representative of a generation of young women empowered by their education and previous experience and motivated to break glass ceilings, succeed and open new opportunities for themselves and other women.

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