Freshers Fair 2018

 Our 2018 series of Freshers Fairs kicked off at Southall Community College, welcoming new and returning students to their first week at West London College.

Freshers Fairs are a key part of the College’s calendar offering students information, advice and guidance on services available in college and the local area. The events, organised by the Student Services team, had a fun and inclusive atmosphere for our learners with Westside radio playing the latest music hits and doing a live broadcast with members of staff and students at the event to promote the college.

Over 700 learners from our Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing Green and Southall Community Colleges enjoyed a series of amenities and activities and received information about the Student Union, volunteering and fundraising opportunities, upcoming activities and support and funding advice for the coming academic year.

Students met local organisations and partners including London By Cycle, Metropolitan Police, Samaritans, Friends of the Earth, Educate & Celebrate and Health Watch to name a few. They participated in activities such as the rodeo bull, penalty shootout, reggae aerobics sessions, signed up to the Reading Ahead Challenge organised by the College’s Learning Centre and collected a range of free gifts and food samples.

Kesren Mark, Student Services Manager, said “Our team has been working hard on this year’s freshers fairs since the start of the academic year to offer our students vibrant and exciting events at Hammersmith, Ealing and Southall College. The fairs are a great way for learners to have fun and find out about services and organisations in the local area and to start thinking about their next move after college. We hope to continue engaging with lots of businesses and organisations throughout the year to support our students and providing numerous opportunities to develop various skills alongside their studies."

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