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12 January 2018

Our vibrant and dedicated Nursery team has had an excellent start to 2018 with a  bronze medal awarded to them by the Healthy Early Years Awards programme. The programme is an award scheme funded by the Public Health team for Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster, and its main aim is to encourage nurseries and children centres to focus on health and wellbeing of the children and families they work with.IMG 2533

Our nursery had to demonstrate that they take a whole setting approach and that they are committed to those goals. Nursery manager Sadiya Khamkar and her team reviewed their existing practices and incorporated some changes to the children’s food menus, the plans of physical activities as well as safety and immunisation policies.

Sadiya Khamkar said:

‘We relished the challenge of learning new ways to shape the children’s menu with fun and innovative choices throughout the day. We also learnt healthier swaps like using vegetable spreads instead of butter. Now, the children only have cake and custard once a week for their pudding. Other days they will have natural yoghurt or fruit.’

Sadiya also invited a nutritionist to host a workshop for the parents and carers, to help them understand the new policies and their benefits. One of the changes she incorporated was to substitute celebration cakes the children usually enjoy, for a piece of exotic fruit. This helps to reduce the amount of artificial sugars the children consume and also make them aware of healthier options for a sweet snack. Sadiya said that all parents were on board with this new policy.

The nursery team is now ready to work towards the Silver award, which look at more measurable outcomes and detailed plans regarding the health issues and policies.

The Alan Green Nursery is based at our Hammersmith campus. This purpose-built nursery provides daycare for children between two and five years, who have a parent at any of our College sites. We believe that being a parent shouldn’t stop you from getting education.

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