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Thursday 13 April

The dates for next round of the West London's College spelling bee have been announced. We're encouraging staff and students to get along to this exciting event and support their friends and colleagues. 

The first round of the competition saw our students take each other on in a spelling competition within their English class. All students, no matter what their English proficiency, were encouraged to take part and test themselves and this has led to an amazingly diverse range of students from different curriculum areas making the next round. 

Here are your dates, times and competitors:

Acton Construction and STEM Centre - Tuesday 25 April in LT136 12pm

Malique Campbell-Edwards, Motor Vehicle
Lee McIlvenna,  Plumbing
Sandeep Singh,  Plumbing
Tamaz Yavuz, English for Work & Study
Tarunveer Lochan, Electrical
Irina Lozinca, GCSE English
Fathia Ghiloufi, GCSE English
Husena Chowdhury, English for Work & Study
Merieme Benlamkaddem, GCSE English
Daniel Ziwa, Bricklaying
Fouzia Mohamed, English for Work & Study

Ealing Green College - Wednesday 26 April in the Common Room 12pm

Andrew Hsieh, GCSE English
Bedri Shehu, ESOL
Ariana Ibrahimi, English For Work & Study
Besher Hamed, ESOL
Riona Lobo, ESOL
Jamila Farah, GCSE English
Michael Romerose, GCSE English
Zeenat Azeem, GCSE English
Renee Kfoury, ESOL
Ophelie Huet, EFL
Gary Hayman, English Art & Media
Lauren Wingate Kavanagh, GCSE Maths 
Nesreen Abuhadeeb, EFL

Hammersmith and Fulham College - Wednesday 26 April  in the Foyer 12pm

Funda Tunc, Public Services
Dijle Ozcelik, Public Services 
Jagoda Kulicz, Public Services,
Weronika Natoniewska, Public Services
Alfred Nasiyba, GCSE English
Cassandra Mayer, English For Work & Study
Hayley Areris, Health & Social Care Adults,
Mehdi Moradi, RARPA 
Akesha Campbell, Childcare & Education
Kristine Justiniano, GCSE English
Hawi Dida, Exploring Caring Adults
Amena Atia, EFL
Nasrin Kamari, EFL
Halima Abas Ali, ESOL
Quynh Nguyen, ESOL
Joanna Garcia, ESOL
Nimra Safdar, ICT
Esmaeil Izadi, EFL 
Baigal Jambaldorj, EFL
Petronela Baziuc, ESOL
Samuel Angelo Garcia, ESOL
Stephanie Moutinho, Caring for Children
Mohamad Hamid, Travel
Andrew Bell, ICT
Gewyn Pelegrino, Professional Cookery
Theebiha Vijayaranjan, Health & Social
Jelena Kielthy, Access to Nursing 
Amanda Pinto, Access to Nursing 
Jessica Thornton, Hair & Beauty
Ruben Almeida, Barbering 
Roisin Sheahan, Health & Social Care
Bianca Gigi, Health & Social Care Diploma
Adil Sheikh, ICT 
Greta Pattaro, Hair & Media Makeup 
Addeline Clarke, Humanities & Social Sciences
Abdimalik Abdi, Biomedical Sciences Hm
Yasmin Osei, Science
Ralph Samia, ESOL 
Hussam Altayasnah, EFL
Tyra Mills, Sport 
Cole Harris, Sport
Fasia Ahmed Noor, ESOL
MIchal Karczewski, GCSE English
Anika Capistrano, Science
Tanekie Myles, Health and Social Care
Jessica Padeanu, Hairdressing

Southall Community College - Thursday 27 April in the Common Room 12pm 

Jules Rodrigues, GCSE English
Salma Osman, English
Kopiga Sansanjeevan, English
Omar Ahmed, English
Adbullah Emon Koshru, Business & ICT
Areeba Hameed, English
Bhupinder Kaur, English
Ansaar Gali, GCSE English
Yohann Bundtner, English
Jeniston Carvalho, English
Sajjad Mohammad Pur Zalak, English
Nadarajah Balan, English
Abdullah Emon Khoshru,  Business and ICT
Zain Hydrie,  Business and ICT