Westfield London Job Show Jan 2018 Page 1

25 January 2018

Evolve Learning Group, a West London College based training provider, will have access to even more job opportunities for its trainees, as Westfield London announces 8,000 new jobs.

Westfield Job Show, which is set to take place between 30-31 January 2018 at Westfield London shopping centre, is an opportunity for job-seekers to find out about the thousands of new opportunities created by the expansion of the shopping centre. The 740,000 sq.ft. expansion which is to launch in March will create up to 8,000 jobs in retail, customer service, hospitality and other industries. Employers including Adidas, Primark, Emperor and a boutique bowling venue ‘All Star Lanes’ will be present at the event to promote the new job opportunities.

West London College continuously collaborates with Westfield London to promote job and training opportunities to the local residents. It has recently launched a free, short courses designed to speed up the process, while still training job-ready and skilled candidates. This training enables people to gain an accredited retail, hospitality or catering qualification in just two weeks and allow them enter the job-market quicker than usual routes. We focus on finding and promoting local opportunities and tailor our training so they reflect employers’ requirements.

Our partner Westfield has been dedicated to creating new job opportunities and created more than 25,000 jobs across both Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City since 2008. The ongoing project of Westfield London expansion has to date involved over 5,000 construction workers from both London and outside and over 250 construction apprentices.

The Job Show will be located on the first floor of Westfield London and will be open between 11 am and 7 pm. This is an unique chance  for all job seekers to find out about the exciting new opportunities.

For further information about Evolve Learning Group, please visit: https://www.evolvelearninggroup.co.uk/