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30 May 2017

Around 100 of our students have descended on Ealing Town Hall for the Power of Youth Voice conference.

Run by Ellie Rudd and our Student Services team, the conference was specially designed to inspire students to participate in democracy and social action while providing insight into the power of youth voice in the wider community. The event led to the students' first piece of action - donating all leftover food from the conference to Acton Homeless Concern. 

The conference provided students with a great opportunity to take part in workshops on social action, public speaking and future planning by groups such as WE.org, NCS, MAD Workshops, IDEA, Playback Mentoring and UK Youth. 

The event featured highly motivational and entertaining speeches by Shakira Martin, National Union of Students, Chris Martin, CEO of The Mix,  Julian Bell, Leader of Ealing Council and Wayne Jordon, Founder of MAD Workshops

 During her speech, Shakira impressed the importance of young people getting involved in the world around them. 

“Young people have to be involved in politics and it is important they know their rights. It is up to us to shape the future and nothing is achieved on the sideline.

“The Power of Youth Voice conference bring people together from different walks of life and different backgrounds to learn from each other”

The even also had a big impact on our students. Here's just a small sample of what they had to say about the conference: 

“The workshop on leadership with National Citizen Service was lots of fun. It was really interesting to find out my approaches to work.

“It was really good and interactive. We learnt how to work as a team and incorporate other points of view”

Sahar Mahmood, Level 3 Applied Science

Sahar Mahmood

“Shakira (President-Elect, NUS) was very empowering and motivating, while Chris Martin (CEO, The Mix) put mental health at the top of our minds as something we’re affraid to talk about. The social aspect was great too”

Nelson Ssenyange, Level 3 Public Services

 Nelson Ssenyange

“I met a lot of new friends today. It was great to discuss issues with segregation, racism and inequality - it was education in a different way.

“The event was great for solving problems and getting young people together.”

Omed Ahmed Hawrami, ESOL Entry 3


 Omed Ahmed Hawrami

“The event was a good life experience, helping us be patient with our parents and reminding us how to communicate which is very important”

Othman A. Kareem, ESOL Entry 2

 Othman A Kareem