Level 3 Sports & Fitness student Britney Ford has capped off a busy year with a fantastic gold medal for Team GB in the floor event at the European TeamGym event held on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands last month.

TeamGym is a unique gymnastics sport, including in vault, trampette and Britney’s favourite - the tumble. A routines require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. Britney was part of an eight-strong team from the Heathrow Gymnastics Club who successfully represented Team GB at the event, winning in a close final.

TeamGym keeps Britney very busy, but she takes juggling training, coursework and study time all in her stride. “My teachers at College know I do gym which gives me a lot of confidence” she says. “I often go to College in the morning, before heading to the gym in the afternoon and studying late into the evening”.

Britney chose on the recommendation of her brother who had also studied Sports & Fitness at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College. She is now hoping to get into St Mary’s University to join their gymnastics program and continue studying sport and will take part in her next TeamGym competition in Bracknell in February.

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