class pic norwayThis comprised of spending 2 days in the school, attending a range of different classes and the rest in work placement. Our Business students spent a day in a prosperous and pioneering shopping centre, where they were able to develop their employability and customer service skills which they very much enjoyed.

One of the highlights for the Health & Social Care students was visiting the local university and Emergency Call Service, where they explored the latest technology gadgets available to help staff and service users. This included partaking in a ‘simulated environment’, practising and implementing their clinical skills and knowledge on a robotic dummy.

Students enjoyed this as it allowed them to learn how to read vital signs and record observations important for their future careers in nursing.

The visit ended on a high, sightseeing in Oslo such as visiting Parliament and the Royal Palace and not to mention testing the students' teamwork and problem-solving skills in the escape rooms.

This is very similar to the activities that take place when Erasmus students visit us as students get the opportunity to visit museums such as the Old Operating Theatre, BBC centre, British Science Museum in London and spend two weeks in a work placement in London whilst attending classes where they get the opportunity to learn and mix with other students. This is almost an exact reflection of the English curriculum and all parties have found this extremely beneficial as it allows the students to fully immerse themselves in our way of education which provides the quickest results.


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We further look forward to paving new pathways with Lier upper secondary School in the near future.